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PRE-ICO Price : 1 Bitfame = $0.30

ICO Price : 1 Bitfame = $0.50

The first popularity blockchain-based stock exchange market

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What is Famebroker?

Decentralizing Popularity

FameBroker is a decentralized trading platform for trading on popularity stocks. Popularity stocks are stocks whose value depends on the popularity of different celebrities.
On FameBroker we have found a way to put a precise value on popularity, by making it tradable. The best thing about FameBroker is that anyone can have their popularity stocks. New talented artists, who may find social media dominated by a number of celebrities, can use the platform as a new way to gain more publicity. As their popularity grows, so will the value of their stocks, thus, measuring the growth and value of their popularity. The platform also enables fans to directly support their favorite idols.

Complete control of your funds

As a cryptocurrency the Bitfames enable you to have full control of your assets.

Fast transactions

The transactions that you make when buying and selling stocks are immediately fulfilled on our Blockchain.

Personal IPO

IPO (Initial Popularity Offer) is the first release of a stock on the Famebroker platform. You can obtain your own personal IPO, and find out how popular you really are.


The Bitfames are a cryptocurrency created by FameBroker. They are built on the Ethereum protocol. Bitfames are the native currency of FameBroker, and their primary function is buying popularity stocks on the platform. All the prices on the website are expressed in Bitfames and no other fiat currency or cryptocurrency can be used for trading on it.

Since the only thing that is needed to trade on the platform is Bitfames, they will be available during the ICO.

One of the main goals of the ICO is to promote the Bitfames as FameBroker’s native currency, and to reach a wider audience.

    Token type: Ethereum Token

    Total supply - 100.000.000 Bitfames

    50% of total supply offered in the ICO

    Price of token during ICO: 1Bitfame = $0.5


2015, December

the Famebroker idea is born!

In 2015 the idea behind the Famebroker concept was created.
2016, January

Establishing IT offices

The realization of the idea started with the establishing of our IT offices in Belgium.
2016, March

Partner meet-up

Meeting with our promoting partners in Belgium.
2017, February

Launching the website

After a year of perfecting, the Famebroker website was launched in February 2017.
2017, March

Android App Launch

Launch of the Famebroker android app on Google Play
2017, September

Marketing strategies and campaign start

Preparations for the launch of the ICO. Launching a PR and marketing campaign and working on extending the Famebroker community.
2017, December

ICO start

Launching the Famebroker ICO.
2018, February

Panel and forum discussion

Reviewing the progress and development of the Bitfames. Discussing the results with the wide public
2018, March

Opening the popularity stock market

Starting the trading with popularity stocks on the Famebroker platform with the Bitfame Cryptocurrency.

Three-Year Objective

  • At the moment we are focused on the international market and on international celebrities. All the popularity stocks that can be found on the platform are known around the globe.

  • Over the next 3 years we want to focus on specific markets in specific regions in:
    • Asia (ex. Japan, India, South Korea, etc.),
    • Europe (ex. Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, etc.)
    • Latin America (ex. Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.)
    • Africa (ex. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa)

  • We are looking to open headquarter offices, in those specific regions. The headquarter offices in those countries will be responsible for managing the platform for those regional entertainment industries. They will also engage the celebrities themselves in joining in on the platform.

  • By December 2019 we want to make it possible for anyone to register on the platform and use it as a social media market.

Our Team

Imer Asan

Imer is the founder of the concept that became an idea and finally reality. Over a decade of activity in management and consulting in fields such as finance, real estate, investments As Imer ASAN. Then, as Tito S. active in the music and clubbing business. It looks like Imer and Tito S. finally found in Famebroker a place to finally work together.

Sacha Vandamme

Sacha is the Co-founder of Famebroker. He was the only one who understood the concept quite fast enough that Imer decided to make him partner. Sacha made the concept and idea reality and gave it birth online. Sacha is the IT guy that totally fits the company spirit of hating to lose and the do or die mentality. We just have to find out if he is some kind robot/program or human himself. Time will tell.

Ivan Djordjevic

Creative Manager
Whan you need something to look good, he's the go-to guy. With more than 20 years experience in design and marketing, Ivan has worked with Imer on various projects through the years. He's responsible for all the visual material related to Famebroker and the Bitfames. Always up to date with the trends in marketing, you can count on him to supply modern and catching material.


From an Idea to a successfull ICO

See how Famebroker has evolved through the years.

Starting just as an idea, the concept of popularity trading is now coming as an accomplished project. After establishing brand presence in different communities, the Bifame is now ready to be launched as an ICO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Famebroker is an online platform where people can buy and sell stocks based on the market appreciation of the popularity of their favorite stars, singers, athletes, and public personas.
Bitfames are a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum protocol. They are the native currency of the FameBroker platform used for trading with popularity stocks. All the prices on FameBroker are expressed in Bitfames, and they are the only thing that a trader can use to purchase celebrity stocks.
There is no minimum purchase for participating in the ICO.
The raised funds will be shown on top of the website during the ICO.
U.S. citizens are excluded from purchasing Bitfames because of some of the regulations in the United States of America in connection to ICOs and securities. We do not consider the Bitfames to be securities, commodities, or similar financial instruments. Bitfames should not be considered as a type of investment. However, U.S. citizens should not purchase or attempt to purchase Bitfames.
The total supply of Bitfames is 100.000.000 (one hundred million).
A total of 50% of the Bitfames will be offered during the ICO
Information coming soon